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Table Top Arcade Games Machine Hire

Retro video games in a pub style old table top cabinet with new technology linked to a selection of retro games are the current trend to offer a unique experience at your function, with classic games from the 1970s and 1980s available to play creating fantastic new memories for years to come.

Play some all-time favourites with our Retro Arcade Table Top Games Machine! With over 60 classic games available you are guaranteed to find a blast from the past! From Pacman to Space Invaders, Frogger to the iconic 1942, this two player Retro Arcade Games Machine will bring back laughs and smiles whilst you set about beating your opponent! this should keep the average gamer busy for quite a while! now you can have the old games to play but on a modern reliable video platform.

The Classic sit down pub table machine provides a unique playing experience for old and younger players alike.

Perfect for keeping the children busy during family parties / weddings / celebrations etc....

Classic Arcade Games Supplied:

  • 1942
  • 1943
  • Bomb Jack
  • Moon Cresta
  • Galaga (Fast Fire Mode)
  • Pac-man
  • Space Invaders
  • Super Breakout
  • Frogger
  • Galaga
  • Donkey Kong
  • Dig Dug
  • Scramble
  • New Rally X
  • Galaxian
  • Ms Pacman
  • Super Cobra
  • Mr. Do
  • Millipede
  • Gyruss
  • Pac-Man Plus
  • Arkanoid
  • Centipede
  • Hustler
  • Pengo
  • Phoenix
  • Donkey Kong Junior
  • Time Pilot

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    Other Arcade Games:

  • Gun Smoke
  • Pac-Man Plus (Fast Mode)
  • Amidar
  • JNR Pacman
  • Jr. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
  • Pinball Action
  • Jumping Jack
  • Pleiads
  • Burger Time
  • Juno First
  • Pooyan
  • King & Balloon
  • Qix
  • Congo Bongo
  • Ladybug
  • Crush Roller
  • Lin's Road
  • Shao
  • Mappy
  • Dig Dug 2
  • 1943 Kai
  • Space Panic
  • Donkey Kong 3
  • Mr. Do's Castle
  • Super Pacman
  • Tank Battalion
  • Ms. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
  • The End
  • Galaga 3
  • Van
  • Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
  • Van Car
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