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Dance Floors

Traditionally you brought your event to life with a star cloth, you know the black one with the little lights poking through. Now you can add to this by having the lights come up from the floor.

The lights can even be made to dance to the music if you want. Surely the best of both worlds. All our dance floors are UK manufactured, our LEDs floor are fully wired ensuring a perfect connection to each panel throughout the whole event ensuring you still have that twinkle by the end of the evening don’t be taken in by fake imitations.

When you want to add that special WOW factor to your event, then you will not go far wrong with a spectacular Dancefloor. In the past Dancefloors started out as simple wooden squares patched together to make up the large dancefloor square. They then progressed to Black and White dancefloors with a shiny, polished look. Following on from that came the Sparkle Dance Floors which are still very common today, these have white LED’s in them creating that Sparkle design. We have secured the latest in Fibre Obtic and LED technology with our Dance Floors, these really are State-Of-The-Art and are known as Twinkle Dancefloors. They have full colour LEDs in them capable of hundreds of patterns.

All our dance floors are checked and cleaned before they arrive at your venue. We use the latest wired system to ensure reliability but also have a wireless system if preferred. We can make up any size floor you require regardless to how large or small your party is up 18ft square. We have a Black Twinkle floor used mainly at corporate functions, and a White Twinkle floor used mainly at Weddings, these can be mixed to create a Black and White Twinkle floor which is a favourite when Swing and Jazz bands are performing at the Venue.

We specialise in all types of events including, exhibitions, weddings, birthdays, private parties and house parties to name just a few, basically a dance floor for all occasions.

How to measure the space for your dance floor

1. Choose an area of the room that has enough space for the following:

a. DJ booth, stage if required or even room for a band.
b. Away from fragile objects that may get knocked around
c. The floor has a sloping metal edge that needs to be slotted in to prevent trips, leave about half a foot between the edge of the floor and the wall or other immovable objects.

2. Measure length and width of the space available.

3. Decide which type of dance floor best fits the surroundings and theme of the event or party.

4. Give us a call and one of our experts will quote or even arrange a site visit to check accessibility and parking etc.

5. Book the floor safe in the knowledge that our experts will have installed the floor without you even knowing we were there.

6. Party safe in the knowledge that your floor will be removed before you awake!

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